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In indoor gardens a successful, profitable harvest is 10% dependent on lights, soil and nutrients and 90% on environment.

You've spent thousands on lights, soil and nutrients hoping for the best yield possible. You have great genetics and a 9-week window to maximize production. Plants, like humans, are most efficient when their environment is kept within tight parameters, leading to maximum performance and yield.
Do you want to see the science?

You can't control what you don't measure.

THCGuard stands for Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Guardian. The THCGuard system monitors your garden 24/7 and will produce real-time views of your environment as well as daily, weekly and monthly charts that allow you to monitor all of the statistics that are critical for an optimal harvest, (quantity and quality), allowing you to tune your environment for the best possible results! We monitor up to 18 different data points, and can alert you via text or email within minutes if any of these critical data points fall outside ranges you set. The alert criteria can also be different for your light and dark periods.

How much is a significant yield improvement worth to you? Stress-free plants produce more fruit. It's science, not magic! Monitor and tune your environment to get the best return on your investment! For those new to growing indoors, our artificial intelligence network can also offer real-time suggestions from our master gardeners on practical ways to improve your environment, based on what we know about your current setup and the live data.

Things happen. Make sure you have time to react!

The THCGuard system monitors your garden 24/7 and alerts you immediately via text whenever something is outside of the ranges you set. Failures of any kind can cause significant reduction in your crop yields. Some failures can wipe out an entire season. Timely notice of any system or component failure gives you the best chance to reduce the impact!

Light failures in veg. Circuit breakers trip, bulbs burn out, ballasts fail. If your lights stay off for over 12 hours, your plants will begin their flowering cycle! If you find out too late and try to revert the light cycle, the plants will be stressed and will not produce as much as they could have. Mother plants are ruined, because any clones produced from them will be stressed!

Light intrusion during flowering. Timers get reset inadvertently, light leaks happen, doors are occasionally left open, and interior lights can be left on. Any light intrusion during your plants' dark cycles will inhibit hormone production and stress the plants, lowering your potential yield considerably!

Air conditioner or fan failures. Every one of your lights is a 1000-watt heater! At temperatures above 90 degrees your plants stop growing. At 110 degrees they start to dehydrate and die - starting at the tops of the plants, where the heat is highest. If your air conditioner or fans fail for any reason, you can lose an entire crop in just hours. Timely notification of high temperatures is critical!

Heater failures. At temperatures below 50 degrees, plant growth is severely compromised. At 32 degrees, roots and microorganisms freeze, causing plant stress or death, and pipes or irrigation lines freeze, potentially causing water leaks and flooding.

Dehumidifier failures. High humidity makes it difficult for plants to transpire and can lead to mold and insect infestations. Low humidity stops transpiration to conserve water, ending photosynthesis.

High CO2 levels can indicate malfunctioning equipment, such as emitter valves stuck open or exhaust fans not working. CO2 levels over 1200ppm are not beneficial. Additionally, high CO2 levels at night are not effective because environmental CO2 is only used during photosynthesis, which requires light.

Low CO2 levels can indicate leaks or malfunctioning equipment, such as emitter failure, exhaust fans not shutting off, wasting CO2, or empty cylinders, all leading to higher costs and lower yields.

Each THCGuard Airnode Pro module also has 4 external ports that can be connected to security sensors, such as motion and door sensors, or other system sensors such as high/low-level sensors in water tanks, water leak sensors, air flow sensors, etc. You will be notified immediately if any of these ports are triggered!

Plants are highly complex factories. Any condition that is outside their preferred ranges will cause stress, leading to lower yields. Monitor your environment 24/7 to protect and improve your ROI!

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